AT3 services

AT3 services

AT3 services

with customer label

We manufacture textile production to third parties with customer's label and customer's designs.

We specialize in:

TEXTILE CONFECTION TO THIRD PARTIES: Our main objective is to provide solutions to companies that need external support. After analyzing your needs, we carry out the complete process or separately in each of the phases of the manufacturing process.

We produce from the Patron, Scaling, Markings, Automatic and Manual Cutting, Sewing, Ironing, packaging and the application of customer labels on each garment. Everything is done in own workshops and arranged by our company with professionalism guarantee and a high level in the finishes of each garment.

WOMAN: Party Dresses, Casual, Blouses, Shirts, pants etc. We deliver the clothes Ironed, folded and boxed or, on hanger etc. Personalized the garment with the customer's label.

CHILDREN AND YOUTH: We produce Casual style and Ceremony, We deliver the clothes Ironed, folded and bagged or, on hanger etc.

MEN: Men's Underwear Classic 100% cotton boxer shorts with exclusive print for the customer, Bermuda shorts for men. Men's short suit made of polyester or polyamide with the client's own stamping, starting from 100 meters per print.

Currently we have agreements with:

.-Concerted concealership design with high level of realization and interpretation of the needs of each client, performing both simple and complex patterns, being able to perform this work in all computerized pattern systems.

.- Concerted automatic cutting workshop that allows us to do work with great precision in very small formats, in addition to all traditional machines and cutting methods, we work with all types of fabrics.

.- Own sewing workshop located in Ciudad Real specialized in different types of sewing, ironing and labeling, and quality control.

.- Concerted workshops for sewing that for its type we can not develop in our size.

If you are interested / to submit your proposal through the following form by clip here. And we will contact you within 24/48 hours work day and evaluate together your proposal